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Wandering Boots A.T. Adventures Services
At Wandering Boots A.T. Adventures, we take care to provide each client with personalized attention to ensure that they are well prepared for their long distance hike. We guarantee that the day you begin your hike you will have everything you need and be as prepared as you can. Our experienced hiking guides are well informed, professional, courteous and efficient.

Our primary service is the complete planning of an Appalachian Trail thru-hike from beginning to end. We will have one small group of 6-10 hikers that will begin around mid-March (may start later but not past April 7th), depending on the weather, and includes a 1-3 day orientation in Atlanta before heading off to the start of the trail. We do have a minimum requirement of 5 reserved spots for each hike and a maximum of 10 per group in order for hike to be scheduled. 

Complete Appalachian Trail Thru-hike:

This hike will begin around mid-March. We will start with a 1-3 day orientation where we will gather to meet everyone in the group, introduce ourselves, educate everyone on trail usage, explain what you should expect throughout the hike, go through the daily routine & ensure that everyone understands the challenges ahead. We will review the animals that we may encounter and hazards we may face along the way. Before we head out we will go through everyone's gear to be sure that nothing is forgotten & clients will have the opportunity to get anything that was. We will have on site a few things for sale that is usually overlooked.  Pick up from Atlanta airport, a 2 night stay in a condo near Atlanta, meals during orientation, transportation to  Amicalola Falls SP, lunch, campground fee, hostel stays, and a daily guide are all included in this hike. 

A complete A.T. thru-hike usually begins around mid-March to the beginning of April weather permitting and finishes almost 6 months later in September. Since there are approximately 2000-3000 hikers that begin hiking the trail around this time, we will begin a little early as an attempt to avoid some of the problems associated with being around so many people. We will begin hiking the trail on the Approach Trail at Amicalola Falls State Park.  Those who wish to drive to orientation and follow to Amicalola can park there for $50 and leave their vehicle for the entire duration of the hike. We will camp at Amicalola Falls State Park the night before we start the hike to ensure that everyone knows how to set up camp and use their gear. Temperatures will be cold so be prepared. 

Because everyone will have different levels of experience, we will start off hiking slowly with an average of 5-10 miles per day. This is to gauge how everyone handles the hike, prepare the bodies to this type of exercise and attempt to avoid any injuries. As time goes on we will up the mileage accordingly but will never go above 20 miles per day (this amount will be months into the hike so don't panic). We will spend, on average, 3-4 days in the woods before coming out to resupply. We will provide transportation at the trailhead to town for resupply or have supplies ready in case of problems getting to town. At least once a week we will be coming out of the woods to stop and resupply, if possible, in a town where we can eat, maybe take a shower or do laundry, & if opportunity presents itself, stay in a hostel or hotel. All food, laundry, hotels, and gear will be the responsibility of the client. If the group ends up staying at any of the hostels along the way, Wandering Boots will pick up the costs of the hostel.

The Appalachian Trail officially ends on top of Mt. Katahdin in Baxter State Park, Maine. We will gather on top for a group photo which will be given to each hiker before, if possible, leaving to go home. We will also gather at camp once everyone comes down for a celebration dinner to finalize the end of a long but unforgettable journey. Transportation from Baxter State Park to the bus station or Bangor international airport will be included. Additional transportation back to Atlanta can be arranged for an additional cost. We may offer an extended stay in Maine for day hikes or exploration as an extra add on as well.

1-6 Months

This is a shorter version of the full hike. This is for those hikers that would like to experience what a thru-hike is like but are unable to take the entire 6 months off to do it. This hike is 3 months long and offered in two parts. Part 1 is to begin in March with the rest of the group & continue until June where we will provide transportation to the nearest airport or Greyhound bus station. Part 2 is if one cannot begin with the rest of the group, then one can join the group somewhere along the way. Please remember that you will need to keep up with the daily mileage if joining later in the year. We will pick you up at the nearest airport or Greyhound bus station and bring you to the nearest trailhead to await the main groups' arrival & join us. Transportation will be provided to the nearest airport or Greyhound bus station when your journey with us is over. Other options may be available if driving own vehicle to the trailhead.

One Month 

One month hike for those hikers who wish to gain some experience backpacking for a good length of time. It is 1 month long  & offered in 2 parts as well but part 1 is highly recommended for beginners because of mileage per day. Part 1 is where you will join the main group at the beginning in March and finish one month later in NC/TN area. Part 2 is where you will join the group somewhere along the way. Again, remember that you will need to keep up with the daily mileage if joining the group later on in the year. We will pick you up and/or drop you off at the nearest airport, bus station or shuttle service if you drove. If no thru-hike is scheduled for this year than you can pick your own month to hike or let us suggest one.

One Week

We now offer a one week hike for those folks who just want a taste of the trail and gain some experience. If we have a complete thru-hike scheduled you must be able to join the group wherever they may be unless you wish to hike outside of the hiker season.  If no thru-hike is scheduled, there will be one week scheduled hikes offered each month from different locations. Each month there will be 2 one week hikes offered with one leaving from Amicalola Falls State Park in NE Georgia to Neels Gap and another week further north along the trail.


One week guided hike during the months of Feb, March, and April to include; pick-up at the Atlanta airport, 2 night stay at a condo in Atlanta, dinner, transportation to Amicalola Falls SP, lunch, 1 night stay at the campground, one week guided hike, and one hostel stay.  Cost is $800 pp.


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