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Wandering Boots A.T. Adventures is owned and operated by experienced Appalachian Trail hiker Michelle Michaud and is currently based out of Lebanon, TN. Having been in operation since January 1, 2012, Wandering Boots offers a unique service that has not been done before. We are proud to offer a completely Supported & Assisted Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike. We handle everything from the moment you arrive in Atlanta, GA to the time we drop you off in Bangor, ME or anywhere in between. We treat every hiker like they are a part of our hiking family. There is no one out there that offers what we do. We guarantee our services go above & beyond what is expected and comes with a personal touch. We offer the security of a group setting, the camaraderie of others, no hitchhiking into towns, and the knowledge of experienced A.T. hikers. So, come along and join us for a fun and exhilarating journey of a lifetime! Don't think about the logistics of the hike, just hike!

We offer something special and a little different than any other guiding service out there by offering a complete thru-hiking adventure. We also understand that not everyone can afford the expense and time off that this type of journey requires so we also offer shorter hiking adventures as well with most of the same services included. These options are perfect for the beginner backpacker or for someone who just cannot take the 5 -6 months off that is required for a complete thru-hike. 

See our services page for info on all offered Course/Seminars with free hikes.

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