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Join Us For A Journey  
             Of A Lifetime!

Here at Wandering Boots we want to take away all the stress & worries of planning such an undertaking as hiking the entire length of the Appalachian Trail. We are totally committed to helping you reach your goals. With our experienced A.T. hikers, we plan, guide, and provide transportation from beginning to end to ensure that you complete your goal of hiking the entire 2,179 mile journey from GA to ME. We ensure that each hiker is well prepared for this amazing but challenging endeavor and all logistics taken care of. Our small group size ensures that each hiker is given undivided personal attention and lots of encouragement so that their life changing journey can be fun and stress free. So, come along and join us for a journey of a lifetime!

No time for a complete thru-hike? Then join us for a week, a month, or whatever time frame you can spare & still gain the knowledge & experience of a long distance hike.
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Interested in learning more about our services?
  •    Shorter Hiking Packages Available
  • ​   Experienced A.T. Hikers As Guides
  •    Orientation package included  
​                 * See Details
  • ​   Small Group Size (2 min - 5 max)
  •    All Levels of Experience Accepted      must be active and able to carry a pack

2021 season went well and we were pretty busy so thank you to everyone for your interest and desire to go hiking with us. Now it's time for 2022. The new schedule is up and available for folks to book a future hike. Lots going on for next year so keep checking back to see how hikes are filling up. Let's go on an adventure together hiking the Appalachian Trail!
Here is a preview of available hikes:


10 Day Thru-Hiker Special w/ Orientation
(March 27th - April 5th) (27th - April 20th)
This hike is for 2022 thru-hikers only please and has conditions. This hike can also be extended for an additional 2 weeks or until Fontana Dam, NC


            (1st - 6th)    Full
            (8th - 13th)  Full
           (15th - 20th) Full
           (22nd - 31st) 10 Days ALL of GA (~ 85 miles)


          (5th 10th) Amicalola Falls SP - Neels Gap
         (12th - 17th) Amicalola Falls SP - Neels Gap
         (24th - 29th) Full
   (26th - July 1st) Erwin, TN - 19E (~ 51 miles) challenging

All hikes run from late March thru mid Nov so check the rest of the schedule to see what fits. Any hike can be changed according to interest so just ask. You can see what learning hikes are still available at 57hours.com.
These are mostly learning hikes for the new backpacker. We have 1 day of instruction and prep followed by a hike to implement what you have learned. It's a learning adventure hike!

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