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Hike # 1:                           A Complete Appalachian Trail Thru-hike

 Rate:                   $2000** pp per month for a 6 month thru-hike  (that equals to only about $67 a day!)*
                            Must sign up for a complete thru hike to receive discounted rate (min 5 hikers/max 10)

 Included:           Orientation for 2-3 days
                             Transportation to lodging from Atlanta airport
                             2 night stay in a condo near Atlanta with group 
                             Welcome luncheon with drinks and sandwiches (Includes all food at Orientation)
                             Transportation to Amicalola Falls State Park, GA
                             Transportation at trailheads to towns, hotels, hostels and/or stores for resupply
                             Transportation to Bangor airport or  bus station at conclusion of journey
                             Group photo on top of Mt Katahdin at end of journey
                             Congratulation champagne  dinner 
                             Guides & trip logistics
                             Trail Magic surprises
 Not Included:    Hiking gear
                             Hotels or hostels (except 1-2 nights at orientation)
                             Transportation from your home to Atlanta airport/hotel
                             Transportation from Bangor IA or  bus station to your home
                             Laundry & supplies including toiletries
                             Medical insurance or emergency extraction costs

Hike # 2:                       3 Month Appalachian Trail Adventure 

 Rate:                  $2200** pp per month for a 3 month hike (That's roughly $73 a day!)*
                              Must sign up for a complete 3 month hike to receive discounted rate
                             (Minimum of 3 hikers signed up for this deal at this price)

 Included:          Same as above if joining group in the beginning. 
                            Transportation from trailhead to nearest airport or bus station at conclusion of journey
                            Transportation from nearest airport or bus station to trailhead if joining group later on

 Not Included:   Same as above
                            Champagne  dinner in Maine unless present at end of hike
                            Group photo unless present at end of hike

Hike # 3:                      1 Month Appalachian Trail Adventure 

 Rate:                 $2500 pp for a 1 month hike.  (That's roughly $83 pp a day!)*
                              You choose the month or let our experienced guides make a suggestion
                              ( Must have a minimum of 2 hikers signed up for this price)

 Included:             Same as in Tour # 2

 Not Included:      Same as in Tour # 2

Hike # 4:                      1 Week Hike Along the Appalachian Trail

              $800 pp for a one week hike. Conditions apply. Gear may be available for rent at $100 per week. Airport pickup/dropoff available on certain hikes for $100 fee. New hikers to backpacking usually start from Amicalola Falls SP in GA or Harper's Ferry, WV.

THRU-HIKER SPECIAL:                            March & April

​                          Pick-up at the Atlanta airport, 2 night 3 day stay at a condo or lodging near Atlanta, B/L/D, basic orientation with gear and trail info, a stop at REI and Walmart for supplies, transportation to Amicalola Falls State Park, lunch, 1 night campground stay, and one week guided hike from Amicalola to Helen, GA. Great for those who are about to do a thru-hike but are nervous about doing it alone. Space and dates are limited so contact us soon!        Cost is $1500 pp   (min of 2 hikers and max of 5) 
Guide may be available to continue hiking past this point for an additional fee so ask for cost and availability.                                                                                         
* A non-refundable $250 deposit will be required to hold your spot within the group.  Remainder of balance will be due one month before orientation and/or hike. Client forfeits one months rate ($2000) if quitting before the first 30 days for tours 1 & 2. There will be a non-refundable charge of $1000 for those in tour 3 that quit within the first 2 weeks.
    **Parts of the Appalachian Trail are on Federal land where no commercial business is allowed, so our services are offered for free in these sections which have already been reflected in the price. 

   MC/VISA accepted                       
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